We get it. You don't have time to spend working on a website, but we do. We're the professionals.

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What would it take for you to be ridiculously happy with a website? What do you dream of? What is the end goal? These questions are just a few that we ask to get a better understanding before we put together a design strategy.


Your website needs to match your brand. More than that, your website needs to be quick to load, navigate, and easily accessible across multiple devices. There are fewer things more important to the success of your website's life than the user experience.


Did you just roll your eyes? We saw that! Just kidding, but seriously, who wants to talk about marketing? We go way beyond a website design for you. We will help your business climb the ranks and go to the next level through our effective online marketing packages.

Step 1. Planning & Strategy

First things first. We plan. We strategize. We look at the best of the best and make sure you are better. Have you ever desired for your business to do better? Sure you have. Have you ever wondered how? Jump on board and we will show you how.

Step 2. Design & Development

This is the part you may not care much about, but you should. Colors, images, user experience; all of these go into play here. You can be as involved as you like, or just let us handle it, either way works!

Step 3. Launch & Promotion

Once your website is live we begin the next phase of helping you conquer your industry. We begin implementing our initial plans and putting them into action. We launch strategically, we promote strategically.


Adam Davis

Founder & Owner


John Staples

Marketing Director

Some of Our Team

Adam Davis and John Staples work together to deliver an authentic, effective, and results-oriented experience for all of their clients. Some of the greatest compliments we have received is the fact we are available for "real-time connectivity" and "the most hospitable" organization in the industry.

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What our clients say

Adam did a wonderful job with my website. He really captured the heart of who I am and what my business is. Due in part to his awesome work, my upcoming dog training classes are full, my website is climbing Google rankings, and the requests for private training are rolling in!

Brianne Harris
Brianne Harris Owner Positive Partners Dog Training

We (Trinity Defense LLC) recently turned our website over to Adam Davis and Enlivify. We are very pleased with the results. Adam is very professional and extremely easy to work with. He worked tirelessly to bring our website design up to date and continues to provide top notch maintenance and web design. I highly recommend Enlivify to everyone looking to design, redesign, or maintain your website to give him a call. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Again Adam. And as our Moto at Trinity Defense LLC says God Bless and Stay Purpose Driven!

Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith Owner Trinity Defense, LLC